How to Choose the Right Optimization Platform in 2021

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The past year has seen the landscape for digital optimization face a sea change. A series of major acquisitions has narrowed the market for optimization platforms, and the pandemic environment has pushed digital optimization to the top of the priority list for most brands. This environment has pushed many brands to either reassess their martech…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Retail Personalization in 2021 and Beyond

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For online retailers, personalization is the key to enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience. A robust personalization strategy is even more important now as more shoppers opt for digital experiences. Check out these three industry…

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How to Continuously Optimize the Customer Experience

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As we move into a digital-first world, your online customer experience is more important than ever. In an unexpected 2020, businesses had to significantly shift their customer experience strategy to keep up with new consumer expectations. These expectations will only continue to evolve in 2021, meaning your customer experience needs to be ready to evolve…

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Three Ways to Optimize Your Top Navigation and Drive Conversions

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Your website’s navigation can make or break your conversion rate. If your navigation is too overwhelming or, in contrast, does not offer much information, your visitors will likely be deterred from your site. However, an optimized navigation can truly improve the customer experience and drive sales.  As with any part of your site, digital optimization…

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