A/B & Multivariate Testing

Calibration of the Testing Environment for Better Metrics on User Behavior

By Paul Terry · May 13, 2022

A/B testing is all about understanding change in user behavior through sampling and comparing user journeys through metrics. Best practices around A/B test configuration, sampling, measuring, segmenting, and statistical significance…

How SiteSpect Improves Conversions, a Use Case for the Financial Sector

By Luke Hardwick · May 5, 2022

Blogs are a popular way most businesses look to communicate with their customers and prospects to share helpful information, as well as news or details about their products or services….

SiteSpect‘s Knowledge Event ‘On the road to a CRO-minded organization’

By Shirley de Goeij · March 25, 2022

On March 8, SiteSpect Europe hosted a conversion rate optimization (CRO) knowledge event in Het Centraal Ketelhuis in Amersfoort, Netherlands. It was an inspiring afternoon full of knowledge sharing by…

Building a Successful Optimization Program

By Jen Decker · March 18, 2022

If you are an ecommerce or digital business with high traffic volume, you might be considering or re-evaluating your optimization program. Building a successful optimization program depends on careful planning,…

Overlooked Features: Understanding SiteSpect’s Personalization Campaigns to Optimize CX

By Luke Hardwick · March 10, 2022

When it comes to website optimization and experimentation we often find the biggest area of focus centers around improving the customer experience for all users. This is a sensible approach…

Overlooked Features: Applying SiteSpect’s Custom Calculations to A/B Testing

By Tim Hudson · February 25, 2022

Website optimization is all about the numbers. Whether improving sign-up rates or form completions, increasing average order value, or achieving faster page load times, every A/B test is trying to…