A/B & Multivariate Testing

Healthcare optimization in mobile app.

Healthcare Optimization: How to Improve App Engagement with A/B Testing

Explore healthcare optimization strategies for your next app campaigns by using a reliable A/B testing solution.
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2023 OTT Executive Summit

Key Insights From the 2023 OTT Executive Summit

The SiteSpect team recently attended the 2023 OTT Executive Summit and brought back some key insights.
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2024 A/B Testing Predictions

Top 5 A/B Testing & Experimentation Predictions for 2024

It’s that time of the year when we ask: “What’s next for A/B testing and experimentation?”  2023 was a great year for the A/B testing market overall, with 77% of companies engaging in experimentation—and that number is expected to push even higher as we kick off 2024. We believe optimized conversion rates, improved user engagement,…
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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization: A Guide to A/B Testing for Media & Entertainment Organizations

Your conversion rate is more than a simple metric—it’s one of the most crucial elements for media and entertainment organizations to keep an eye on. With 40% of A/B testers using conversion rate optimization to improve their revenue, you can’t afford to push it aside. Whether you’re turning website visitors into subscribers, boosting engagement from…
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5 Winning E-Commerce A/B Testing Stories

Acing E-Commerce A/B Testing: 5 Winning Experiments

A/B testing is a strategic way for online retailers to deliver powerful results. Studies show 60% of companies running a consistent A/B testing program gain an improvement to their bottom line.  But as online businesses continue to change in 2023 and beyond, so does the need for precision in understanding customer behavior and optimizing user…
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Exploring Experimentation: A Recap of the 2023 European Customer Advisory Board

On October 25th, SiteSpect team members gathered with our European customers at Friends Arena in Stockholm, home of AIK & Sweden’s National Football team.  “It’s always super exciting to host our annual SiteSpect European Customer Advisory Board!” says Maarten Plokker, Managing Director at SiteSpect Europe. “Bringing together this exclusive group of European optimization leaders and…
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