Our 2021 Product Vision

By Justin Bougher

June 1, 2021


The past year’s online-heavy business focus has put unprecedented pressure on the Marketer to improve user experience, personalization, and secure all possible market share and revenue. This has driven a need to: 

  • Access more-powerful web optimization tools. 
  • Do so using fast, user-friendly, “WYSIWYG” visual editors that don’t require technical expertise.
  • Seamlessly collaborate with peer groups in Product, Development, Merchandising, DevOps, etc. using those same platforms.

Helping the Marketer meet these needs is a huge focus for us in 2021. Our product roadmap will enable Marketers to:

  • Create engaging experiences using a WYSIWYG editor, without needing a technical background.
  • Create new experiences and/or optimize existing ones.
  • Leverage pre-built modals, banners, etc. that match the experience.
  • Leverage reusable templates and widgets for faster experience building.
  • Review and navigate campaigns with intuitive summaries.
  • Integrate multiple building tools to add power to basic campaigns.
  • A/B test, personalize, and analyze with a click.
  • Collaborate more efficiently with peer teams with improved workflows.

Every month for the rest of 2021 we will be releasing new features and designs to reach these goals. It’s going to be a great summer and I will speak more to each feature as it comes out. 



Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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