A/B Testing for Mobile and OTT Apps

API Digital Transformation Engine

User experience optimization, data collection, experimentation, and personalization is no longer limited to phones, tablets, and personal computers. Complex application ecosystems have expanded to kiosks, over-the-top (OTT) devices, and IoT devices.

The SiteSpect API Digital Transformation Engine empowers companies to deliver unparalleled consumer experiences on a full array of devices with unique features no other solution can provide.

  • Release anytime

  • Remotely configure apps on any internet-connected device (IoT, OTT, kiosk, mobile, tablet, SPA, etc.)

  • No app store re-submissions needed

  • Deploy quick fixes instantly

  • Perform fully-functional experimentation and personalization on Single Page Apps (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  • Segment, target, and learn from users on any internet-connected device

  • Run tests right in production

  • Gain a kill switch for any feature or release

  • Do it all in the flow of UX delivery at maximum speed and without a single SDK

  • Modify API request payloads and/or responses between a headless CMS (Ex: Contentful) and any internet-connected client

"We've looked everywhere.

"We've looked everywhere.

How Does it Work

SiteSpect’s patented technology makes it the only experimentation and personalization tool that sits in the flow of traffic.

API Digital Transformation

Modify API request payloads and/or responses during transmission (JSON, XML, etc).

Remote Config

Dynamically turn features and settings on and off with an easy UI to remotely configure apps. Run experiments on top of your remote configuration without deploying a complex infrastructure or releasing new app versions.

SDK-free Server-Side Experimentation

A/B/n testing, personalization, and user insights without any impact on performance, and without having to manage SDKs.

Advanced Feature Flagging

Ability to easily enable/disable new features, entire releases, and new platforms to granular segments of users.

Limitless Possibilities

SiteSpect's API Digital Transformation Engine opens up so many testing options. Check out the three use cases below for an immersive experience by clicking each button.

API Remote Configuration - ON
API Versioning - ON
API Payload Toggle - ON

The Unique Benefits of SiteSpect

When brands first learn of SiteSpect's unique offerings we often hear, “We’ve looked everywhere. Nobody else can do this."

No other A/B testing & experimentation provider of remote configuration, server-side experimentation, or feature flagging can deliver these benefits to you.

SiteSpect is the only solution capable of providing this functionality and performance with a single interface, one login.

  • Limitless changes to applications without app store resubmissions
  • Remote configuration across your ecosystem
  • No rebuilding or changing of your existing application in order to implement
  • Dedicated optimization consultants able to tackle your unique business challenges
  • No SDKs to maintain or install on multiple platforms

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