Optimize Everything

Seamlessly test, target, and personalize every aspect of your digital presence.

Measure the Impact of Any Change

Ever see a lift or drop in conversion and not know why? SiteSpect lets you dig in and understand the effects of any app or site change - no mysteries.


Test and Personalize the Entire Experience

A/B test and personalize every part of the customer experience to get the most out of every visit. From client-side look and feel changes to server-side algorithm optimization, SiteSpect's patented approach allows you ultimate flexibility to optimize any part of your site or app.

  • Landing pages, list pages, product pages
  • Multi-page experiences, checkout flows, signup flows
  • Site searches, new releases, new features
  • Mobile apps, SPAs, React, Angular
  • CMS and redirects without harming SEO
  • CDP, CRM, DMP integration and optimization
  • Site redesigns, platform changes, vendor bake-offs

One Platform for Multiple Teams and Departments

SiteSpect can A/B test, personalize, or optimize any part of your site or app and any team in your organization can help:

  • Marketers: Improve conversion using SiteSpect's Visual Editor to change text, images, and layout. Track and optimize your A/B tests.
  • Product Managers: Validate your ideas and verify product requirements while having the data to prove the value of new features.
  • UX and Designers: A/B test complete site redesigns from concept to launch.
  • Developers: A/B test feature flags and optimize your algorithms.
  • IT Professionals: Automate blue/green and release testing while optimizing your IT infrastructure.

Optimization Techniques

Mobile and Desktop Illustration


Change the look and feel or layout of your site or app. Apply client-side changes without making a call to a third-party that may add flicker or slow down your site.



A/B test or personalize where your web server applies variations. Apply server-side changes without adding any third-party code to your stack. We handle all of the analytics and support more server-side use cases than any other solution.


SPA Frameworks

SiteSpect offers the most elegant optimization solution for React and Angular or any type of SPA JS framework site. Our patented approach either points to or directly delivers the right framework up front. 


Mobile App

A/B test and personalize both native and dynamic aspects of your mobile application

Illustration of two websites with arrow


SiteSpect redirects deliver your customers to a new experience, whether a new CMS page, a new landing page, a new server, and so on. They provide the fastest redirects out there, avoid 301/302 issues, and preserve your SEO. With a few clicks, you can quickly set up campaigns to point to a new experience.

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