The Strategic Edge For Product Managers

Informed decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle.

The CX Product Lifecycle

Fine-tuning the customer experience requires a process that is both phased and cyclical. See how SiteSpect solves challenges across the CX product lifecycle.

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Ideate &


  • Validating ideas
  • Prioritizing the most impactful ideas
  • The cost and time associated with traditional validation techniques


Mock up and test ideas with SiteSpect A/B Testing and SiteSpect Personalization in less time than full development cycles without having to engage your development team.

Design &


  • Validating ideas
  • Prioritizing the most impactful ideas
  • The cost and time associated with traditional validation techniques


Pilot prototypes to targeted audiences for feedback during the build process with SiteSpect Rollouts.



  • Controlled rollout
  • Segmenting which audience sees a feature, release, or other change


Use SiteSpect Segmentation to target specific users and groups across a variety of criteria using business rules and algorithms.



  • Assessing the impact of releases/features
  • Responding quickly to analysis
  • Responding quickly to bugs


Easily deploy codeless bug fixes as needed using SiteSpect Find & Replace.

With SiteSpect Analytics and Alerts, get immediate feedback on the impact of new releases/features using any/all business engagement and performance metrics.

Validated Roadmaps

Confidence is knowing what you’re building has already been proven to work.

Failure Happens: Fail Fast and Fail Cheap

try fail success

Prioritize Your Roadmap With Testing


Full Release Testing

SiteSpect Rollouts goes beyond simple "on/off" feature toggling and feature flag testing. With SiteSpect's unique and patented architecture, you can roll out and A/B test full releases, infrastructure components, app frameworks, and individual services.


Test new releases and platforms on specific smaller segments of users (by geo, by device, random, etc.)


Blue / Green

Use SiteSpect to toggle between different environments or code candidates.


Release Test Automation & Continuous Release

Quickly align with fast-changing consumer requirements and bring more reliable products to market. SiteSpect enables Product Managers to target granular audiences and show any number of software, feature, infrastructure, and other experience variations, while A/B testing, monitoring, controlling, and reporting on their impact.

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More Than Just Feature Flags

Feature Flags

Modify real-time user experiences without deploying new code.

Session Tracking

SiteSpect tracks all sessions, targeting, and metrics for you.

Continuous Release / Deployment

Use SiteSpect to release individual services and versions to targeted audiences.

Mobile and OTT Support

Make changes between application and server for your mobile and OTT applications.

Full Release Testing

Control your environment without installing any third-party code.

Smart Traffic Management

Leverage SiteSpect to point to alternate URLs, servers, or clouds to test software, platform, or infrastructure changes.

Platform & Infrastructure Testing

Use SiteSpect to point targeted audiences to new platforms and/or infrastructure.

Minimal Technical Debt

Implement variations without creating a mass of future code cleanup.

Segmentation & Targeting

Target pilot users (for alpha/beta releases) based on behavior, geography, user agent, time, or a variety of other criteria. Show new features just to those you choose.

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Agile Iteration

Produce better products with less effort.

Rapid and incremental prototyping.

High frequency feature testing without having to code each change.

Feedback during the build cycle.

High frequency feature testing without having to code each change.

Bug Fixes Without Code

SiteSpect enables organizations to push fixes  in a matter of minutes, while these fixes are more-permanently coded as part of a normal release cycle.


Because of SiteSpect’s patented architecture, variations apply before content appears in the browser. This is what enables SiteSpect’s unique find-and-replace feature. In the flow of traffic, SiteSpect can search all the content on your site and find and replace any image, syntax, script, or code wherever it exists on your site. This enables companies to quickly and easily push changes across the site without the need for development. This feature is especially beneficial for bug fixes or for changes intended to only exist for a period of time.


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