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The CX Product Lifecycle

Fine-tuning customer experience requires a process that is both phased and cyclical. SiteSpect provides value across this lifecycle, with SiteSpect Rollouts focused on specific areas of release management and feature flag testing.

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cx product lifecycle rollouts

Full Release Testing

SiteSpect Rollouts goes beyond simple "on/off" feature toggling and feature flag testing. With SiteSpect's unique and patented architecture, you can roll out and A/B test full releases, infrastructure components, app frameworks, and individual services.

Blue / Green

Use SiteSpect to toggle between different environments or code candidates.



Test new releases and platforms on specific smaller segments of users (by geo, by device, random, etc.)


Continuous Release

Quickly align with fast-changing consumer requirements and bring more reliable products to market. SiteSpect enables you to target granular audiences and show any number of software, feature, infrastructure, and other experience variations, while A/B testing, monitoring, controlling, and reporting on their impact.

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Feature Flags, Yes...But So Much More

In addition to traditional feature flags, SiteSpect Rollouts provides benefits other solutions cannot.

Rollout FeatureWhy SiteSpectSiteSpectTraditional
Feature Flag
Feature FlagsModify real-time user experiences without deploying new code.
Session TrackingTracks all sessions, users, metrics, and targeting.
Continuous deploymentNo 3rd party code to clean up later.
Full release testingCompare entire release packages instead of just features.
Minimal technical debtRelease individual services to targeted audiences.
AJAX & JSON changesChange, monitor, or redirect any call between app and server.
Smart traffic managementSend traffic to alternate URLs, servers, or clouds to test software,
platform, or infrastructure changes.

Segmentation & Targeting

Target pilot users (for alpha/beta releases) based on behavior, geography, user agent, time, or a variety of other criteria. Show new features just to those you choose.

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Analytics & Reporting

Make fast, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics and reports. Stakeholders can quickly analyze and understand relevant features, releases, and their impact, keeping your teams informed and collaborating.

SiteSpect Dashboard

Monitor hundreds of metrics to learn more about product changes and their impacts.


Understand how site speed impacts conversion in real-time. Pinpoint the feature changes and areas of your site that impact customer experience.


Integrate SiteSpect data into other analytics and reporting platforms.


Learn more about SiteSpect's analytics and reporting capabilities.

Risk Mitigation

Confidence is knowing that the feature or release you're building has already been proven to work and that you can easily roll back any change you make. SiteSpect Rollouts allows organizations to easily iterate and A/B test changes without having to apply tons of labor, cost, and permanence to that effort.

100% of users directed to new version/feature/environment.


75% of users failed back to previous version/feature/environment.


Minimizing Technical Debt

Implement variations without creating a mass of future code cleanup. With SiteSpect Rollouts, there's never any 3rd-party code to clean up later.

Learn How Coles Liquorland Uses SiteSpect Rollouts

Liquorland is a leading liquor chain in Australia under Coles Liquor division of Coles Group, one of Australia’s largest and most iconic retailers. They use SiteSpect as a key part of their rollouts strategy. As Brandon Briz, Conversion Optimization Manager at Coles Liquor explains, “SiteSpect allows us to roll out new features in a safe way, where we can follow a controlled plan.”

Read the full case study to see how they recently released a new feature with SiteSpect.


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