Testing and Experimentation

Validate your ideas and make data-driven decisions that drive revenue.

AB Testing

A/B Testing

Compare two or more versions of a page to determine which factors increase conversion and improve the customer experience. Measure hundreds of metrics and test anything from client-side look and feel to server-side performance.

Multivariate Testing

Measure the interaction between multiple independent elements of a user experience. Understand and optimize how elements of your sites work together.

MVT Testing
Client-Side Testing

Client-Side Testing

Make changes to the user experience using our simple Visual Editor or powerful Regular Expressions. Modify, define, or redesign pages and flows that support SPA frameworks while minimizing the performance impact of traditional client-side tools.


Server-Side Testing

Test and deploy server-side functionality with on/off switches or progressive rollouts. Leverage cookies, headers, or parameters for feature flagging. Test and optimize your CMS, recommendation engine, and other vendor tools.

Server-Side Testing

Features & Benefits

Faster site

No Flicker & High Performance

Experience our proxy architecture built from the ground up to avoid flicker and ensure unmatched speed across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Comprehensive API

Automate your optimization program through our API: http://developers.sitespect.com/