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Google Optimize and the 5 Stages of Grief Part 3

By Mike Fradkin · February 2, 2023

Part 3: Bargaining, Depression, and the Continued Need for Testing If you’ve been following this blog series, you know in a tongue-in-cheek way, we’ve likened the emotions Google Optimize users…

Google Optimize and the 5 Stages of Grief Part 2

By Mike Fradkin · January 31, 2023

Part 2: Denial, Anger, and Needs Assessment On January 23rd, 2023, Google announced that with a September 30, 2023 end-of-life date, its A/B testing platform Google Optimize will be discontinued….

Google Optimize and the 5 Stages of Grief Part 1

By Mike Fradkin · January 31, 2023

Part 1: RIP Google Optimize So, Google Optimize is dying. . . see the announcement from Google. Granted, it’s not like losing a pet, a family member, or even a…

Employee Spotlight: Ron Jones, Regional Sales Manager

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 12, 2023

SiteSpect has some impressive employees in its ranks: from industry influencers to mentors, from gamers to publishers. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here….

Sync or Async JavaScript Tags – A User Experience Penalty

By Paul Bernier · December 20, 2022

When it comes to deploying a JavaScript tag to your website, there are generally two main options available: you can load the code snippet Synchronously or Asynchronously. Each vendor tries…

Optimization Planning Guide for the New Year

By Jen Decker · December 15, 2022

Kick off your optimization planning by resolving to take your digital channels to the next level by improving the customer experience through testing, personalization, and recommendations. Omnichannel experimentation should be…

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