Personalization & Targeting

Offer the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Behavioral Targeting

Offer personalized experiences based on each user's behavior. Use previous visits, in-session, omnichannel, call-center, or in-store behavior to create personalized and targeted audience segmentation.

behavioral targeting

Contextual Targeting

Deliver a personalized, targeted experience based on the context of each visit. Segment based on factors including user location, device type, was the user in an email campaign, did the user arrive via social media, date, time, referring URL, browser type, or user agent.

Know What Is Working

Other solutions don't monitor the real impact of targeted personalization campaigns. SiteSpect monitors and tracks the effectiveness of each personalized and targeted campaign so that you always know what works and what doesn't.

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Features & Benefits


Visual Editor

Our intuitive, interactive visual editor allows your whole team to set up and launch personalization campaigns. Use point-and-click actions to modify text, images, buttons, promotional banners, and styling. Create, move, rearrange, hide, and track behaviors across channels. Works with SPAs such as React and Angular right out of the box



Leverage SiteSpect's deep analytics and segmentation capabilities to discover which groups of users should be shown a given experience. Examine trend lines to gauge which segments are growing or shrinking and decide if the audience is large enough to warrant a specific targeted experience.

Faster site

No Flicker & High Performance

Experience our proxy architecture built from the ground up to avoid flicker and ensure unmatched speed across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.



Respond to real-time alerts and in-product messages to proactively manage your campaigns. Know when a campaign has a winning variation, is hurting conversion, does not have any recent visits, or is disabled.


Turn Winners Into Personalized Campaigns

Quickly turn any winning experiment for a given group of users into a personalization campaign.


Multiple Campaigns Per User

Any single user can be included in a large number of overlapping personalization campaigns simultaneously. Combine and deliver at scale personalized promotions and marketing.


Auto Optimization

Our Auto Optimization feature analyzes campaigns automatically and promotes winning variations to improve the overall user experience. The algorithm adjusts and re-adjusts what the user sees based on a weighted analysis of recently observed user behavior.


SPA Integration

Leverage our Visual Editor and SPA SDK to personalize and optimize your Single Page Application. Support for major frameworks such as Angular, React, and others.


Custom Analytics Dimensions

Leverage custom variables to capture dimensions about users, such as products purchased, categories viewed, and items searched.



Create a consistent customer experience by recognizing users across devices.


Comprehensive API

Automate your optimization program through our API:


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