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How to Build a Secure A/B Testing Framework for Your Financial Institution

Secure A/B Testing Frameworks: What You Need to Know

Due to its popularity in the financial services sector, your organization likely already offers some form of online self-service. While it has become a go-to choice for customers, many organizations still deal with high support center costs or want to make improvements to the user experience. That’s just one area in which A/B testing solutions…
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2023 OTT Executive Summit

Key Insights From the 2023 OTT Executive Summit

The SiteSpect team recently attended the 2023 OTT Executive Summit and brought back some key insights.
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Finding Your A/B Testing Inspiration: An Experimentation Idea Checklist

There’s no question that A/B testing can deliver incredible results for your organization, with the average A/B test improving conversions by 49%. Maintaining a robust backlog of testing ideas is a crucial aspect of any successful experimentation program, but it’s not always easy. It not only serves as an opportunity to prioritize ideas, but also…
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Experimentation Program Management: Ideas You Can Execute Immediately

Efficiently managing experimentation efforts is essential for campaign success. However, many organizations lack these efforts which leads to chaos and poor results.  Experimentation programs are broken down into ecosystems with many sub-ecosystems embedded within. This is largely due to the multidisciplinary nature of the work. Think about an experimentation program as a machine. Within that…
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Perfecting the User Experience in Healthcare: Balancing Compliance with Insight and Experience Optimization

There are 100 billion searches for healthcare on Google each year alone. That breaks down to 70,000 health-related searches per minute—every single day. Which is great if your website has an optimized user experience!  From patients to providers, we’ve recently seen a growing demand for seamless and satisfying interactions within digital healthcare platforms. Between HIPAA…
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Experimentation Leads to an Increase in Mortgage Inquiries for Leading UK Mortgage Intermediary

The United Kingdom is home to a prominent mortgage intermediary brand that has consistently maintained an outstanding reputation in the industry. Their brand boasts an impressive track record, with numerous accolades to its name and a dedicated team of over 2,000 advisers spread across the nation. Their commitment to providing top-notch advice and service is…
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