Visual Editor

SiteSpect's Visual Editor enables you to design, A/B test, personalize, and optimize the customer experience without any knowledge of coding languages. Don't let technical roadblocks impede your ability to drive change. Add new page elements like a promotional banner. A/B test changes to graphics, calls-to-action, copy, and links. Hide or remove elements to better understand user experience impact. Or test a whole new look and feel before making a major investment.

Point and Click Editing

SiteSpect’s Enhanced Style Editor gives you various options to customize elements like images, text, and more, all without having to modify CSS or JavaScript code.

smaller - VE - style editor

Consistent Branding With Advanced Color Picker

Our color picker grabs your exact colors directly off the page and allows you to select custom colors, so you can be confident that any changes you make are consistent with brand guidelines.

VE color picker (1)

Expanded Hyperlinking Capabilities

SiteSpect's Visual Editor allows you to easily hyperlink any element or any part of an element on any page.

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Easily View Changes

Our Change View List shows all changes you and other Visual Editor users have made to a page. Hover over any item in the list to highlight the area on the page where the change is being applied.

smaller - VE - view changes

Simple Element Addition

With SiteSpect, you can easily add an element anywhere on any page using the Visual Editor. Choose from a wide range of elements such as images, headers, and more.

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Single Page Application (SPA) Testing

Make visual changes that don’t break app functionality, and build tests that range from single-page look and feel changes to full-site redesigns. SiteSpect's Visual Editor also easily integrates with APIs, licensed and custom frameworks, mobile, and desktop for a true omnichannel presence and fully personalized customer experiences.

SPA logos

Advanced Analytics

Out-of-the-box metrics, comprehensive dashboards, and deep analytics capabilities all within the Visual Editor ensure your experiments will drive an impressive ROI. While your experiments are running, you'll receive proactive alerts so you'll always know exactly what's hurting and helping your KPIs and you can deliver optimal personalized customer experiences.


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