Visual Editor

No Coding, No Problem

SiteSpect's Visual Editor is a best-in-class platform that allows you to design and deliver personalized customer experiences without knowledge of coding languages. Don't let technical roadblocks impede your ability to drive change. This user-friendly interface puts the power in your hands to test and optimize the customer experience with ease and efficiency. Try adding new page elements like a new promotional banner. Hide or remove elements to better understand their value to your customers. Or test a new look and feel before making a major investment. The possibilities are endless with this simple-to-use optimization environment.

Point and Click Editing

Seamlessly change web page elements without having to modify CSS or JavaScript code. Work with page categories to affect multiple pages with one change. And preview every audience variation before launch.

Point and click editing
SPA logos

Single Page Application (SPA) Integration

Make visual changes that don’t break app functionality, and build tests that range from single-page look and feel changes to full-site redesigns. SiteSpect's Visual Editor also easily integrates with APIs, licensed and custom frameworks, mobile, and desktop for a true omnichannel presence.


Advanced Analytics

Out-of-the-box metrics, comprehensive dashboards, and deep analytics capabilities ensure your experiments will drive an impressive ROI. And receive proactive alerts so you'll always know exactly what's hurting and helping your KPIs.