Security, Performance, and Stability for Network Operations

Security & Privacy

SiteSpect is the most secure and privacy-compliant optimization platform.


PCI DSS 4.0 Certified


GDPR Compliant


CCPA Compliant



Network Security

  • Data Encryption

  • IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

  • Content Security Policy

  • Security Alerts

Application Security

  • Single Sign On

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Private & Isolated Customer Data

  • User Permission Levels

  • Access Control List

  • Audit Trail

  • Log Visualization

  • Log Shipping

Performance & Capacity

You'll never have to worry about capacity or throughput with the SiteSpect Cloud. We’ve built our cloud to handle any launch, promotion or peak season.



requests / second


visits / day


metrics collected / day

See how SiteSpect traffic stacks up to the world's most frequented websites.



Instead of using browser-side JavaScript tags, SiteSpect sits in the flow of traffic. This yields unmatchable page load speeds making SiteSpect the fastest optimization platform for network operations.

15 ms

average analysis time

Time to apply changes within the SiteSpect engine.

20-50 ms

average latency

Total additional time to render changes using SIteSpect.


Site Performance Dashboard

View traffic allocation, cloud performance, and origin response times for your sites. Read our performance dashboard documentation for details.


Real User Monitoring (RUM)

RUM helps discover, correlate, and prevent performance issues. Read our RUM documentation for details.


SiteSpect Cloud Status

See system metrics, uptime, and scheduled maintenance on our SiteSpect Cloud Status page.


Sample snapshot of past status page.

Other Ways SiteSpect Helps Network Operations

  • compression

    Origin And Last Mile Compression

    SiteSpect improves performance by compressing content between the browser and the origin.

  • caching

    Rollout Risk Mitigation

    SiteSpect's Alternate Origin and feature flagging capabilities enable easy rollout and rollback of infrastructure changes and feature releases. A/B test and use RUM and error monitoring to measure the impact of such changes on your KPIs.

  • CDN-globe

    CDN Integration

    SiteSpect integrates with the market-leading CDN providers including Akamai, CloudFlare, Fastly, CloudFront, and more.

Deployment Options

SiteSpect Cloud

Our fully-managed, globally distributed private cloud optimization platform.

Public Cloud VPC / On Premise

Behind your firewall either on premise or within a public cloud VPC (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others).

Integration Options

SiteSpect Proxy

A patented reverse proxy architecture capable of modifying any content in the flow of traffic. Integrate with or without a CDN.

Engine API

Our RESTful API allows the client or origin to connect directly to SiteSpect as an endpoint. Use with the SiteSpect Proxy or standalone.

Learn How SiteSpect Works

Read how SiteSpect provides speed, scalability, and A/B testing flexibility.

How SiteSpect Works


See our CTO, Eric Hansen, give a 4-minute overview of how SiteSpect works.

Want to go deeper? Watch Eric Hansen, CTO, present more detail on the SiteSpect solution.


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