Client Side

SiteSpect's client-side optimization solution offers the most compelling way to meet your conversion goals. Other client-side platforms rely on JavaScript tags, which disrupt site performance, data quality, and scalability. But SiteSpect's Find and Replace is the fastest, most robust testing and optimization solution out there. Whether you’re a marketer using the Visual Editor or a developer leveraging the power of regular expressions or you’re somewhere in between, we've got you covered.

SiteSpect's Testing Is Superior


Other Solutions

High Performance
without Flicker

SiteSpect’s Proxy architecture built from the ground up avoids flicker and ensures fast experience delivery across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
JavaScript tag-based solutions make you choose between adding flicker (asynchronous) or adding latency (synchronous). There's no way to avoid these with tag-based solutions.

One Platform, One

Implement SiteSpect once and get full client- and server- side capabilities out of the box. We will never force you to reimplement or switch to a different version.
Others have separate client-side and server-side solutions, each with its own implementations.

Optimizing Journeys,
not Just Pages

SiteSpect allows unlimited changes across all web pages, devices, and channels. Easily test and personalize entire customer journeys quickly.
Tag-based solutions often fail when you use them to create an experience that makes multiple changes on several pages.


SiteSpect redirects are fast, happen on request, and do not affect SEO. SiteSpect is in the flow of traffic and can change the request on the fly.
JavaScript tag-based redirects require multiple trips to your web server adding latency and tainting your data.

Data Accuracy

SiteSpect’s elegant architecture sits in the flow of traffic. This high level of visibility leads to better data accuracy and other advantages:
  • SiteSpect sees and captures any browser or web server event.
  • SiteSpect allows you to adjust traffic volume at any time before or during the Campaign without affecting existing visits and data.
  • SiteSpect provides flexible ways to count users who are exposed to Variations.
  • SiteSpect doesn’t kick users out of a campaign when you pause it.
JavaScript tag based solutions have several data issues:
  • They collect inaccurate data from browser misfires and page abandonment.
  • They expire assignments after you adjust traffic volume.
  • They count users who weren’t exposed to a variation.
  • They switch users to another variation when they are kicked out of a paused campaign.

Campaign Volume

SiteSpect is the most scalable solution allowing you to run 10s to 100s of Campaigns simultaneously.
JavaScript solutions often see massive latency when running multiple Campaigns simultaneously.

Security and

SiteSpect is PCI and GDPR Compliant, giving you an additional layer of security.
There are no JavaScript optimization solutions that are PCI certified by a third-party vendor.

Deployment Flexibility

With SiteSpect, you can deploy on-premise behind your firewall, in a third-party’s cloud service like AWS or Azure, or in the SiteSpect Cloud.
JavaScript tag-based solutions offer only a cloud deployment option.

Advanced QA with User

SiteSpect allows you to preview any experience as any user for combinations of locations, devices, past behavior, referral URLs, cookies, or headers.
JavaScript tag-based solutions struggle to QA Campaigns by pretending to be a user from different locations, devices, or behaviors.

Single Page
Applications (SPA),
React JS, Angular JS

SiteSpect lets you optimize any SPA framework (React, Angular, etc.). The Visual Editor fully supports SPA optimization. Test or personalize your application using client- or server-side techniques.
JavaScript tag-based solutions often have difficulty supporting SPAs and do not support a Visual Editor.

Actionable Alerts

Every second counts, which is why SiteSpect sends you automated and actionable alerts for any Campaign including winners, losers, poor performing Variations, traffic warnings, and conflicts.
Other solutions don’t actively notify you when something happens to your campaign; you won’t know when it’s broken.


Monitor the state and workflow of every Campaign in every stage of the optimization cycle.
You cannot see the current state of your optimization program across all Campaigns.