Better Data

Better Data = Better Decisions

When you’re optimizing your site, the quality of that data is crucial. SiteSpect’s patented approach provides accurate and reliable data you can trust. We do A/B testing without JavaScript tags by sitting in the flow of traffic and capturing every event, ensuring better data every time.


Avoid JavaScript Misfires

Have you ever seen differences in the same captured data from multiple analytics products? These differences typically show up when you rely on a browser to make the right JavaScript call at the right time. SiteSpect’s patented approach to A/B testing without JavaScript tags avoids misfires. You can rely on better data to make the right business decisions.

Add Metrics At Any Time

SDK server-side solutions track and send every metric, every time. Determine your metrics in advance and create them at any time to guarantee better data. SiteSpect tracks metrics for you.


Latency Corrupts Data

When your site is slow, users bail. If your optimization campaign slows down your site, it won’t yield the accurate data you need to make an informed decision. SiteSpect does A/B testing without JavaScript tags, making it the fastest solution on the market so you can trust the data and make the right decisions to keep your customers engaged.

Filter Out Bots

Bots make up 50% - 90% of your ecommerce traffic. You make decisions on narrow margins. SiteSpect’s advanced bot detection guarantees that only real users are informing those decisions, delivering better data for better decisions.


Browser Tracking Protection Immunity

SiteSpect is the only optimization solution not affected by Safari ITP or Firefox ETP. Every JavaScript-based solution will lose visibility into the cookies used to track each user and user behavior. This will severely limit the ability to offer a consistent experience. Further, any data collected with a tag-based tool will be unreliable because every user will reappear as new after the set time frame. Because of its unique architecture, SiteSpect does not set any cookies client-side, does not rely on CNAME cloaking, and therefore will see no impact from browser security changes.

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