SPA Integration

The most comprehensive optimization solution for any single-page application JavaScript framework.


SiteSpect supports all JS SPA frameworks such as React, Angular JS, VueJS, Backbone, BatmanJS, CanJS, EmberJS, etc. as well as any other custom framework.

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Point and click editing

Visual Editor

SiteSpect’s Visual Editor fully supports Single-Page Applications and makes visual changes in a point-and-click environment. Without any code or technical expertise, you can make the visual changes you need. SiteSpect’s Visual Editor easily integrates with APIs, licensed and custom frameworks, mobile, or desktop experiences.



SiteSpect’s SPA solution allows you to choose the best way to optimize your single-page application. With one integration you can leverage both client-side and server-side options that fit with your team’s workflow. SiteSpect allows for both marketing and development teams to deploy the campaigns they want when and how they want.

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Guarantee the fastest initial load of your SPA with SiteSpect’s SPA optimization solutions. Avoid waiting for JS tag implementations to swap JS libraries or redirects that will dramatically slow down initial load times.

Personalization and Targeting

You can use all of SiteSpect’s personalization and targeting features with our SPA solution. Targeting based on user behavior, geo, RFM, origin of visit, browser type, device type, time, or even offline data.