How Schiphol Airport Increased Conversions

By Kevin Plankey

May 6, 2021


Digital optimization can help you improve the customer experience no matter what line of business you’re in. Schiphol Airport, the largest international airport in the Netherlands, considers their digital presence a critical part of their success, and therefore optimizes it with SiteSpect. 

Unlike a typical ecommerce website, Schiphol’s main source of direct revenue is parking spot bookings. In order to maximize their sales, the airport leveraged A/B testing to find the most effective time to promote parking.

Finding the Right Stage in the Customer Journey

While messaging is certainly important, Schiphol first needed to determine the right stage in the customer journey to push parking spot advertisements. Advertising parking is unlikely to lead to a conversion one hour before a flight, since the visitor is likely already in the airport. However, in the days leading up to a flight, users are more likely to be searching for information on parking and ready to purchase.

Once the correct timing was determined, Schiphol segmented visitors by departure time so that they could display personalized promotions. The A/B test was a huge win for the airport, leading to a 26.24% increase in parking spot bookings. 

To learn more about the campaign and Schiphol Airport’s optimization program, read our full case study.

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Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey is the Director of Demand Generation for SiteSpect and is responsible for marketing operations to include strategy and implementation of all demand generation efforts: social, email, website, organic/paid media, and event planning & promotion.

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