Server Side

SiteSpect’s Origin Experiments offer the most user-friendly server-side A/B testing and personalization solution on the market. Since SiteSpect is in the flow of traffic, we are not limited the way other SDK/API-based server-side solutions are. With SiteSpect, you can quickly and easily target users and manage sessions without writing or including third-party code. Below are some of the benefits of using SiteSpect origin experiments versus other SDK/API server-side solutions.


Other Solutions

One Platform, One

Implement SiteSpect once and get full client-side and server-side capabilities out of the box. We never force you to re-implement or switch to a different version.
Others have separate client-side and server-side solutions, each with its own implementation.

Automatic Session

With SiteSpect, you don't need to write code to keep track of user sessions. SiteSpect automatically knows if a returning user is in a campaign or personalized experience. In addition, SiteSpect automatically tracks all metrics and KPIs.
Other server-side solutions force you to understand which users are in tests and keep track of all user sessions.

Out of the Box
Targeting Capabilities

Leverage all your client-side targeting capabilities on the server-side without writing any code. SiteSpect can target based on geolocation, device, referring URL, past behavior, etc., without requiring you to code anything. Use the same audiences for both client-side and server-side campaigns.
Other server-side solutions do not offer any targeting. You have to keep track of which users to add or block from every server-side test.

Robust KPI

With SiteSpect, you can add a metric to a campaign at any time. SiteSpect automatically tracks all KPIs and metrics. You don’t need to add any code to your server to communicate with SiteSpect.
With other solutions, you need to know what metrics you want to track beforehand and write code to send them to the solution.

More Use Cases with
Release Testing

SiteSpect supports testing more than just feature flags. It can also test full releases on different servers (blue/green, canary, phased rollout) and measure against business and performance metrics.
Feature-flag only solutions do not support blue/green or canary testing or phased rollouts of new releases.


SiteSpect splits URLs on the request without redirects and has zero SEO impact (unlike typical redirects). Easily test CMS functionality by appending parameters to request URLs.
Typical 301/302 redirect solutions add lots of latency and negatively impact your SEO.

Server-Side Integration

SiteSpect requires no third-party code and no additional integration. SiteSpect supports every server-side use case, combines with client-side options, and integrates directly with your analytics.
SDK feature flag solutions litter your stack with third-party code that will need to be updated with breaking changes.

Additional Features

SiteSpect’s server-side A/B testing and personalization solutions come with all of the same client-side testing and personalization features you expect from a robust solution including those below.


Advanced QA With User Spoofing

Preview any experience as any user for combinations of locations, devices, behaviors, referral URLs, cookies, or headers.


Actionable Alerts

Receive actionable alerts for any campaign including winners, losers, poor performing variations, traffic warnings, and conflicts.


Single Page Applications

Optimize any single page application (SPA) framework (React, Angular, etc.). The Visual Editor fully supports SPA optimization. Test or personalize your application using client-side or server-side techniques.

Secure and certified

Security And Compliance

SiteSpect is PCI and GDPR Compliant, giving you an additional layer of security.



Monitor the state and workflow of every campaign in every stage of the optimization cycle.


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