Faster Site Performance

The best of both worlds — high performance with no flicker.

The more you test, the more complex your tests get. And the more tests you run concurrently with other tools, the greater the impact on site performance, with more latency and flicker, but not with SiteSpect.

Flicker Free

JavaScript tag-based A/B testing and personalization solutions often show one image to the user and abruptly switch to another. SiteSpect avoids JS tags and delivers a better user experience, faster site performance, and higher conversion.


Browser Tracking Protection Immunity

SiteSpect is the only optimization solution not affected by Safari ITP or Firefox ETP. Because of its unique architecture, SiteSpect does not set any cookies in the browser, and will see no impact from browser security changes.

Blazing Fast

SiteSpect provides the fastest A/B testing and personalization solution by avoiding the slowdown of synchronous JavaScript tags. Faster site performance leads to higher conversion.


Trust Your Data

Slow sites affect user behavior, making your data suspect. SiteSpect’s A/B testing and personalization solutions won’t hurt your site performance, so you can trust your data and make informed decisions.

Slow Origin Detection

SiteSpect monitors web server performance. Because it sits in the flow of traffic, SiteSpect can often detect issues with your web servers early. We automatically notify your network operations center if we detect your web servers are slow to respond to user requests.

slow origin
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CDN Integration

SiteSpect's best-in-class solution integrates with your existing infrastructure and leverages your Content Delivery Network (CDN) to provide faster site performance. Our A/B testing and personalization solution integrates with all CDNs including Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly, Amazon CloudFront, and Incapsula.

Network Optimization

SiteSpect uses real-time network measurements to determine the fastest paths from any user location. Our distributed points of presence and CDN integrations guarantee the fastest optimization solution for A/B testing and personalization. 


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