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Person holding a phone that is streaming content in reference to how to use A/B testing to optimize streaming apps.

How to Use A/B Testing to Identify Areas of Low Engagement in Your Streaming Media App

With any mobile app, user retention poses a major challenge—so your organization might be wondering how to use A/B testing most effectively to provide a more engaging user experience. Companies aiming to optimize their streaming media app have likely already considered the design, layout, and content recommendations within their app carefully to encourage current users…
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Visual depiction of a person engaging in their patient portal experience.

How to Improve Your Patient Portal Experience with A/B Testing

We’ve come a long way technologically from the handwritten appointment cards once commonly used in healthcare settings. While patients today can probably still get one, depending on the practice, online patient portals have since been introduced, making the patient experience quicker, easier, and virtually painless (no pun intended). With 73% of patients now offered access…
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How to Build a Secure A/B Testing Framework for Your Financial Institution

Secure A/B Testing Frameworks: What You Need to Know

Due to its popularity in the financial services sector, your organization likely already offers some form of online self-service. While it has become a go-to choice for customers, many organizations still deal with high support center costs or want to make improvements to the user experience. That’s just one area in which A/B testing solutions…
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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization: A Guide to A/B Testing for Media & Entertainment Organizations

Your conversion rate is more than a simple metric—it’s one of the most crucial elements for media and entertainment organizations to keep an eye on. With 40% of A/B testers using conversion rate optimization to improve their revenue, you can’t afford to push it aside. Whether you’re turning website visitors into subscribers, boosting engagement from…
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Finding Your A/B Testing Inspiration: An Experimentation Idea Checklist

There’s no question that A/B testing can deliver incredible results for your organization, with the average A/B test improving conversions by 49%. Maintaining a robust backlog of testing ideas is a crucial aspect of any successful experimentation program, but it’s not always easy. It not only serves as an opportunity to prioritize ideas, but also…
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Experimentation Program Management: Ideas You Can Execute Immediately

Efficiently managing experimentation efforts is essential for campaign success. However, many organizations lack these efforts which leads to chaos and poor results.  Experimentation programs are broken down into ecosystems with many sub-ecosystems embedded within. This is largely due to the multidisciplinary nature of the work. Think about an experimentation program as a machine. Within that…
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