Scale As You Grow

Grow to your Capacity

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, you can use SiteSpect to scale as you grow at your own rate. We can help you optimize the entire customer experience and dramatically increase the volume of optimization campaigns.


Campaigns per User

As you increase the number of personalization and A/B testing campaigns you run, you want to make the most of your traffic to optimize the customer experience. With SiteSpect, a single user can be included in a large number of campaigns as optimization efforts do not interfere with each other. So, you can scale as you grow without worrying about an inconsistent customer experience.

Alerts and Notifications

Optimize and scale as you grow with SiteSpect’s alerts and notifications. Learn about winning campaigns, underperforming experiences, and campaigns that may be interfering with each other. Set up SiteSpect not only to notify you, but also to perform automated actions so you can optimize the customer experience as you grow.


Dashboards and Reporting Summaries

Monitor all personalization and A/B testingcampaigns in one place: see the effects of optimization on your business. Evangelize your success with direct dashboard exports to executives and showcase the value of optimizing the entire customer experience across your organization.

Learn from an Expert and a Partner

SiteSpect’s Professional Services group provides your team with best practices for optimization strategy, ideation, prioritization, campaign building, personalization setup, monitoring, and analytics.


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