June Visual Editor Update

By Justin Bougher

June 30, 2021


Earlier this month, we talked about all the things we are looking to do to help the Marketer improve the user experience. We will be launching new Visual Editor features throughout the summer but I wanted to bring up one in particular: our new color picker. 

Pre-Picked Colors for Consistent Branding

We have improved a lot of capabilities when it comes to changing the style of an element, but one we are really excited about is our new color picker. It seems like a simple thing, but one feature that I know our customers will really like is how we pre-grab all the colors that are actively on your page. 

There have been so many times that I’ve set up a campaign and used a color that is slightly off, so I need to search for the exact color code to make it perfect. Rather than having to pull out your style guide every time you make a change, our color picker tool grabs your exact brand colors directly from the page, and even allows for custom colors to be leveraged. No matter who is making an update to your website, you can be confident that it will be consistent with your brand guidelines.

Other new features that have come out are our improved text toolbar hyperlinking capabilities alongside a multitude of style additions to our Quick Style editor. 

We have more capabilities that we’ll be adding over the next month, including increased hyperlinking functionality and the ability to view a list of changes. I’ll provide another update next month once these changes are live. 

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Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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