SiteSpect Named in Forrester’s Feature Management and Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

By Mike Fradkin

April 22, 2024


As we kick off the next quarter of the year, we’re excited to share that SiteSpect has been included in Forrester’s Feature Management and Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024. This landscape report offers Forrester’s overview of 12 vendors in the feature management and experimentation space, and we were honored to be counted as a key player among other innovative testing platforms.

At SiteSpect, we believe server-side and feature experimentation is a necessary part of the iterative process. SiteSpect’s mission is built around striving to help other companies experiment with efficiency and agility.

The report highlighted SiteSpect’s ability to deliver on use cases including experiment design, platform self-management, and technology migration. We are proud to deliver a solution with these benefits and believe our platform stands strong amidst a range of experimentation tools.

How SiteSpect Experimentation Works

Feature Management

At the heart of SiteSpect’s feature management capabilities is a secure yet flexible platform designed to empower companies with the necessary tools to optimize the digital experiences they provide.

SiteSpect’s feature flags equip businesses with the ability to streamline the deployment and management of digital features. SiteSpect users gain granular control over the rollout of new functionalities, allowing for seamless experimentation and gradual feature releases to different segments of their audience. This approach empowers businesses to iterate quickly, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth user experience throughout the development lifecycle.

With SiteSpect, businesses can efficiently manage feature deployments, make data-driven decisions, and continuously optimize their digital offerings for maximum impact and success.

Patented Design

SiteSpect employs a sophisticated, patented proxied technology architecture to seamlessly integrate into the flow of web traffic, ensuring minimal disruption to users while maximizing testing and feature management capabilities.

With a tool that intercepts and modifies requests at the network level, organizations can conduct A/B experiments outside of release cycles. Until the data reveals winning versions among features and user experience variations, experiments do not have to be fully coded, preventing the accumulation of technical debt.

The proxied approach enables bidirectional manipulation and testing of any API or piece of content, giving SiteSpect users full client- and server-side testing in one unified platform without having to add, update, or manage third-party SDKs.

Why SiteSpect?

SiteSpect distinguishes itself as a leader in web optimization by offering full experimentation functionality for client-side testing, server-side testing, and feature flagging. We provide unparalleled flexibility and control to businesses seeking to enhance their digital experiences.

Our patented solution helps users optimize user experiences with precision and confidence, allowing for transformative changes to content, code, and APIs in real time. Whether it’s making instant modifications to mobile apps and APIs or conducting A/B tests across client and server environments, SiteSpect offers a comprehensive testing platform without limitations.

Final Thoughts

SiteSpect’s recent inclusion in Forrester’s Feature Management And Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024, solidifies its status as an industry leader. We are also excited to share that we plan to participate in the upcoming Forrester Wave, WCoE: The Forrester Wave™: Feature Management And Experimentation Solutions, Q3 2024.

With a truly innovative platform architecture and exceptional customer support, SiteSpect gives organizations the tools they need to spearhead A/B testing, experimentation, and feature management. We know staying ahead isn’t just a goal—it’s the standard.

You can experience the full potential of your digital initiatives firsthand by requesting a personalized SiteSpect demo.

Want to see the report for yourself? Gain access to the full Forrester report here.


The Feature Management And Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024. Published on 10 March 2024 by Principal Analyst Christopher Condo with contributors Stephanie Balaouras and Angela Lozada.

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Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin is the Director of Product Marketing at SiteSpect. His experience ranges from smaller series-A startup companies to large multinational corporations such as AT&T and IBM. With a technology career that began with several customer-facing leadership roles, Mike never loses sight of the connection between technology value and the real people it can positively affect. He enjoys the challenge of identifying trends and market drivers, truly understanding the problems of customers within their specific industries, cultures, and reporting structures, and leveraging those insights to deliver more impactful results.

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