Why CMOs and CIOs Need to Work Together

I’ve worked with a lot of organizations over the years, always in roles that are dependent upon marketing and the internal IT infrastructure working successfully. I’ve seen it succeed and I’ve seen it fail. The key is the relationship between the CMO and the CIO. Historically, these two roles work in completely different spheres of…
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SiteSpect Certified for PCI DSS Compliance

Last week, we announced that SiteSpect was certified by a third-party auditing firm for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is our 11th year in a row getting third-party certification, and we’re very excited to share that we still abide by the highest security standards. But, what is PCI DSS? What…
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sitespect real user monitoring

Announcing SiteSpect Real User Monitoring (RUM)

We’re excited to announce our newest SiteSpect feature: Real User Monitoring (RUM). You know that site performance affects your conversion goals, and you’re invested in A/B testing and personalization to optimize your customer experience. Now, with SiteSpect, you’ll get total visibility into how real people interact with your site and how site performance affects user…
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It manager's guide to sitespect cloud

4 IT Optimization Use Cases and How to Implement Them

Website A/B testing and optimization tools usually fall under the domain of marketers and product managers, meaning IT gets saddled with a tool that can slow down site performance or mess with reporting. That should never be the case. Optimization and A/B testing should have distinct benefits for IT. SiteSpect is built differently; rather than…
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computer keyboard in shadow

The Risks of Shadow IT and How to Avoid Them

This brief guide introduces you to Shadow IT, explains some of the common risks involved, and offers advice on how you may mitigate them. What Is Shadow IT? Shadow IT is an IT system or technology used without the knowledge or approval of an organization. This can include personal devices like cell phones and USB…
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august blog round up.png

Back to School Solutions, Optimizations, and More: August Blog Roundup

Summer is coming to a close, so before the fall hits full swing it’s a good time to catch up. This is our list of the top 5 blogs we published this month. 1) SiteSpect Synopsis: All About Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing keeps growing, but not in the way that we expected. Read what experts…
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