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Notepad 2022 Optimization Goals

SiteSpect’s Guide to the Holiday Season – 13 Posts to Improve Conversions

Last year’s holiday shopping season was challenged by supply chain woes. New for 2022, retailers will need to address inflation. With the current inflation rate sitting at 8.3%, it’s unlikely prices will drop significantly by the time the holiday shopping season rolls around. Brands will need to think more strategically. If you are like most…
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How Product Recommendations Can Replicate the In-Store Experience

More consumers are turning to online shopping, which means an optimal customer experience is more important than ever. According to McKinsey and Company, 80% of respondents want personalization from retailers. Putting customer experience at the forefront of your digital strategy is the key to a brand’s success. Optimizing the online shopping journey isn’t just about better,…
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5 Ingredients to Spice up Your A/B Testing

Whether you’re new to optimization or a seasoned veteran, you need to craft a robust recipe book of A/B test ideas. Sometimes you can get stuck cooking up the same old A/B tests that don’t yield meaningful results. When that happens, it’s best to take a step back. Here are five ingredients that will spice…
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An Interview with Journey Further: Is A/B Testing Impacting Your SEO?

Journey Further is a performance marketing agency delivering clarity at speed. They specialize in paid media, organic search and conversion optimization. Conversion Director, Jonny Longden, Conversion Operations Manager, Jon Crowder and SEO Technology Director, Steve Walker discuss the impact of client-side A/B testing tools on SEO. Jonny: We’re increasingly being asked by our clients whether…
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Calibration of the Testing Environment for Better Metrics on User Behavior

A/B testing is all about understanding change in user behavior through sampling and comparing user journeys through metrics. Best practices around A/B test configuration, sampling, measuring, segmenting, and statistical significance are important to understanding how journeys change. But remember, those practices begin with a clean, calibrated A/B testing lab. Terminology Before we begin, let’s define…
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Use Customer Data to Improve the Digital Customer Experience

Digital personalization is about more than simply using a customer’s name or showing them an ad over and over that they engaged with once. This said, to personalize effectively, you don’t need to know everything and anything about your audience. Opt for a lean data approach (in contrast to big data), and only capture and…
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