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An Interview with Journey Further: Is A/B Testing Impacting Your SEO?

By SiteSpect Marketing · May 25, 2022

Journey Further is a performance marketing agency delivering clarity at speed. They specialize in paid media, organic search and conversion optimization. Conversion Director, Jonny Longden, Conversion Operations Manager, Jon Crowder…

Announcing SiteSpect Rollouts

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 22, 2021

We are excited to announce SiteSpect Rollouts. Delivered via the same platform and interface as your SiteSpect A/B Testing, Personalization, and Product Recommendations, you can use Rollouts to manage your…

Man holiday shopping online

SiteSpect Synopsis: Holiday Trends & Best Practices

By SiteSpect Marketing · December 16, 2020

Holiday shopping is looking quite different this year as many customers opt for digital experiences. Online retailers are seeing a huge influx of traffic, and many need to rethink their…

SiteSpect Synopsis: All About Customer Experience

By SiteSpect Marketing · November 11, 2020

Customer experience has always been at the forefront of marketing, and COVID-19 has made it even more prominent this year. As more consumers turn to digital experiences, CX strategy is…

Smiling woman shopping online

How Product Recs Can Replicate the In-Store Experience

By SiteSpect Marketing · September 17, 2020

More consumers are turning to online shopping, which means an optimal customer experience is more important than ever. According to Retail Customer Experience, brands with superior CX bring in 5.7x…

Why Financial Services Should Think Like Tech Companies

By SiteSpect Marketing · August 11, 2020

In this summer’s issue of Future Banking, SiteSpect Europe’s Maarten Plokker, Managing Director, outlined ways that financial institutions should be optimizing their digital channels to improve the customer experience. The…