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Digital Transformation = Survival: Two Customer Stories

In two minutes, how many businesses can you name that are out of business today, but were thriving when you were younger? I’ll give you time to think. Did brands like Toys R Us, Sports Authority, Blockbuster, Lord & Taylor, and Dressbarn come to mind? Were Pier 1 Imports, A&P Supermarkets, or Borders on your…
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A/B Testing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Part 2 – Setting the Wrong Metrics

Several months ago, I posted about mistakes to avoid when A/B testing. Over the next few weeks, I want to get into a little more detail about other mistakes to avoid when A/B testing. This week, we’ll talk about setting the wrong metrics. Setting the Wrong Metrics It takes some experience to know all the…
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Components to A/B Test in Your E-commerce Checkout

It can be difficult to identify and prioritize which components should be A/B tested to best help reach your established KPIs and business goals. Fortunately, good discipline around experimentation can help with e-commerce optimization and can be a continuous process that ensures you are constantly improving the overall shopper experience. Below are some A/B testing…
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The Secret to Digital Optimization: Be Human

When optimizing digital experiences to improve key business metrics like conversion rate, average order value, and revenue per visitor, the first things that come to mind often pertain to “ease of use” optimizations like ensuring that call-to-action buttons are above the fold, that every step in the conversion process is efficient with no unnecessary form…
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5 Challenges to Overcome When Starting a Testing Program

If you’ve determined that you need an A/B testing and optimization program, but feel overwhelmed about where to start, let this article guide you through the five essential roadblocks you might face and how to overcome them. 1. It is unclear how visitors interact with your site. No matter where you are in the A/B…
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6 Hypotheses to Test on Your Online Forms

Guest Author Alun Lucas, Zuko Analytics Forms are often the neglected stepchild of the optimization process. Despite being the most sensitive part of your site where your customers commit their precious personal or financial information, forms are often treated as an afterthought; grafted onto a site build or experimentation program after the “sexier” elements like…
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