Perfecting the User Experience in Healthcare: Balancing Compliance with Insight and Experience Optimization

By Mike Fradkin

October 26, 2023


There are 100 billion searches for healthcare on Google each year alone. That breaks down to 70,000 health-related searches per minute—every single day. Which is great if your website has an optimized user experience! 

From patients to providers, we’ve recently seen a growing demand for seamless and satisfying interactions within digital healthcare platforms. Between HIPAA rules and a need to optimize not just public but also private areas of your website and app, perfecting healthcare user experiences can come with many hurdles to begin conducting your A/B testing experiments. 

Through the tangled web of regulations, privacy laws, and data compliance requirements, each step in the process of improving user experience presents new challenges that your optimization platform needs to overcome. So how exactly do you choose the best partner for navigating this complex world?

In this blog, we’ll look at how to find a right-fit solution to your optimization needs in the healthcare landscape. We’ll unravel the intricacies of healthcare experimentation and detail why the search for the right vendor is particularly difficult. Let’s start by getting a lay of the land. 

The Complex Landscape of Healthcare Experimentation

A/B testing has become a critical tool for optimizing the user experience in healthcare. 

With patients and providers demanding more personalized and efficient interactions, healthcare organizations must continually fine-tune their digital platforms. Yet, the experimentation process in healthcare is far from straightforward.

Recent rounds of healthcare regulations and privacy laws have made experimentation a tough nut to crack. Many vendors now find themselves restricted or excluded from the equation due to their inability to test in both public and protected areas of an app/site, and their inability (or unwillingness) to meet compliance standards and sign HIPAA  attestations and Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).

This leaves healthcare organizations wrestling with the challenge of finding vendors that can meet their unique needs.

The Struggle to Find the Right Vendor

The implications of the vendor restrictions extend beyond the experimentation process itself. 

Ensuring compliance while improving user experiences is a delicate balancing act. As a result, vendor selection becomes a pivotal decision based on which provider can best provide user experience insights and improvements without compromising the technical, administrative, and physical safeguards that ensure compliance.

Authenticated users in client portals are a critical audience in the healthcare sector. A/B testing is instrumental in perfecting their user experience. By selecting the right optimization platform, your organization can enhance the post-login user journey, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Experimentation with non-authenticated users on public web pages has long been a gray area. Recent changes in legislation are bringing newfound complexity to this space, which may pose new challenges for vendors. This underscores the importance of careful consideration when choosing the right optimization platform for your organization.

SiteSpect: The Optimization Solution for You

In your quest to perfect the user experience, choosing the right optimization platform is key. 

Our solution stands out not only for its robust optimization capabilities but also for its willingness to meet the stringent compliance requirements of the healthcare industry. Here are a few areas that set us apart from the (willing) competition:

Compliance Commitment

At SiteSpect, we understand the unique hurdles that healthcare entities encounter, especially in the realm of BAAs. We recognize and embrace the necessity for compliance in an environment where regulatory and privacy intricacies cast long shadows.

We are one of only a few vendors willing to stand behind our HIPAA-ready services and sign a BAA, bridging the compliance divide, and enabling healthcare organizations to explore the full spectrum of A/B testing and user experience enhancements.

Versatility in Experimentation

Our platform is incredibly adaptable, offering tailored experimentation and optimization solutions. Whether you’re looking to A/B test the experience for authenticated users within your client portal or unauthenticated users on public web pages, SiteSpect has you covered. This flexibility ensures that your healthcare organization can finely tune the user experience, delivering seamless and satisfying interactions.

Healthcare Understanding 

Beyond just compliance, we understand the unique intricacies of the healthcare sector. We’re not just an optimization tool; we’re a strategic partner that understands your specific challenges and ambitions in providing the best user experiences.

Overall, the versatility of our platform allows for tailored experimentation and optimization. With SiteSpect, you have a partner who not only understands the healthcare sector but is equipped to support your journey towards delivering the best user experiences. So, if you’re in the healthcare space and seeking a reliable optimization solution, SiteSpect is here to fill the gaps, making the path to perfection in user experience a reality.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself looking to perfect the user experience through an optimization platform, remember that we not only “get” healthcare but are equipped to support your journey from implementation to optimization. Request your free personalized SiteSpect demo and start delivering a seamless user experience. 


Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin is the Director of Product Marketing at SiteSpect. His experience ranges from smaller series-A startup companies to large multinational corporations such as AT&T and IBM. With a technology career that began with several customer-facing leadership roles, Mike never loses sight of the connection between technology value and the real people it can positively affect. He enjoys the challenge of identifying trends and market drivers, truly understanding the problems of customers within their specific industries, cultures, and reporting structures, and leveraging those insights to deliver more impactful results.

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