Announcing SiteSpect Real User Monitoring (RUM)

By SiteSpect Product Management

June 3, 2019


We’re excited to announce our newest SiteSpect feature: Real User Monitoring (RUM). You know that site performance affects your conversion goals, and you’re invested in A/B testing and personalization to optimize your customer experience. Now, with SiteSpect, you’ll get total visibility into how real people interact with your site and how site performance affects user behavior.

What is RUM?

RUM works by collecting performance metrics directly from the browser or app for each end user. It’s a passive monitoring method, meaning that it is constantly running in the background. For example, if you suspect that your site loads too slowly, RUM shows you exactly where that lag affects user behavior. Maybe your customers behave normally up until checkout, but a slow-loading payment form causes high drop off rates. RUM gives you the information you need to bridge the gap between performance metrics and business metrics.

What Does SiteSpect RUM Track?

  • Assignments – A list of variations and personalized experiences shown to the user
  • PerformanceTiming values
    • requestStart
    • responseStart
    • responseEnd
    • domInteractive
    • domContentLoaded
    • loadEventStart
    • navigationStart
  • Calculated values from PerformanceTiming
    • Time to First Byte (TTFB) = responseStart – requestStart
    • Time to Last Byte (TTLB) = responseEnd – requestStart
    • Time to Interactive (TTI) = domInteractive – requestStart
    • Page Load Time = loadEventStart – requestStart
    • Network Duration = navigationStart – requestStart
  • SiteSpect Analysis Time – time it takes SiteSpect to modify the user experience
  • SiteSpect Origin Time – time it takes your web server to respond to a request from SiteSpect
  • Time to Beacon – The time between the browser sending a beacon and SiteSpect receiving it
  • User Agent Information

Why Add RUM to My Optimization Stack?

SiteSpect A/B testing and personalization tools allow you to optimize your digital channels from end to end, and provide you extensive data on how users experience your site. SiteSpect RUM further improves your optimization efforts by visibly linking performance with conversion, providing visibility between marketing and IT, verifying the impact of SiteSpect within your stack, and solving IT problems before they start by tracking the performance impact of new releases, A/B test variants, or personalized experience.

If you care about digital optimization and improving performance, RUM is a tool for you.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.

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SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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