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The “New” Optimization Team

By SiteSpect Product Management · April 4, 2022

Over the last year, we have spent a lot of time talking with a lot of companies about their optimization programs. Some are customers, some aren’t. And there is a…

Introducing SiteSpect Enhanced Analytics

By SiteSpect Product Management · May 5, 2020

SiteSpect is excited to announce our new Enhanced Analytics feature. In addition to the most accurate and comprehensive analytics on the market, SiteSpect is now offering an Enhanced Analytics feature…

New Announcement

Announcing New Client-Side Metrics

By SiteSpect Product Management · August 26, 2019

SiteSpect’s Visual Editor has always worked with Single Page Applications (SPA). However, creating client-side metrics has, until now, required more complex web development efforts, meaning that sometimes, the benefits that…

organic traffic

How and Why to Segment by Channel

By SiteSpect Product Management · August 6, 2019

When you’ve finished running an A/B test or Multivariate test you should have a lot of data to look at for each of your KPIs, and you’ll see an overall…

view by visit or user

When to Measure by Visit or by User

By SiteSpect Product Management · July 29, 2019

In your analytics reports, you may have the choice to view your data per visit or per user. Both metrics are useful, but it can be tricky to know which…


Case Study: Quantifying the Impact of Page Speed

By SiteSpect Product Management · June 24, 2019

The UK’s leading health retailer, specializing in items such as vitamins and nutritional supplements, food items, healthful cosmetics, and more had been using SiteSpect for web optimization and personalization. The…