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Eric J. Hansen is the Founder and CTO of SiteSpect. He previously served as founder and CEO of the web development agency World Machine and has over 20 years experience in software development and project management. He is based in Boston.

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4 IT Optimization Use Cases and How to Implement Them

By Eric J. Hansen · May 7, 2019

Website A/B testing and optimization tools usually fall under the domain of marketers and product managers, meaning IT gets saddled with a tool that can slow down site performance or…

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The Data Is In. We Optimized Black Friday Weekend!

By Eric J. Hansen · November 30, 2018

Another exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the books! Kicking off the longest holiday shopping season in awhile, U.S. shoppers broke records yet again. Notably, 54% of purchases were…

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Speed Feeds Business: Understanding How Website Testing Affects Site Speed

By Eric J. Hansen · September 4, 2018

Most clients I work with are excited to implement their A/B testing solution because of the potential for site updates, design features, or code releases. Many don’t consider the impact…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Going Server Side or Going Bust

By Eric J. Hansen · June 13, 2018

Marketers traditionally tend to focus on client side optimization — layout, design, copy, etc. But since the digital customer experience has become so important, it’s also crucial that marketers understand…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Marketing in the IoT Age

By Eric J. Hansen · May 15, 2018

The internet of things (IoT) has become part of normal life and is continuing to grow. Most of us interact with it without thinking. Do you have a smart watch…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: How GDPR Affects Marketing

By Eric J. Hansen · April 24, 2018

In about one month, on May 25, GDPR goes into effect in Europe. As data collection has become ubiquitous many major brands are going to need to update their practices…