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The Ferris Wheel of IT Troubleshooting

If you’re in IT, you’ve probably encountered a situation like this: A key component of your application stopped working. Your offshore development team assures you that it is not the code base. So, you call your CDN provider and ask them to investigate. They don’t see anything wrong and suggest you look further upstream. You…
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Bad Bots and How to Stop Them

Everyone knows that bots can be really bad news. Did you know that today automated bots outnumber humans on the internet? As a result, they are often mistaken for real users. The marketing team wants their activity filtered in order to get quality metrics, which means IT gets the headache of resolving these issues as…
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How to Diagnose, Solve, and Prevent Traffic Problems… With an A/B Testing Solution?

Your RUM based monitoring system just fired off an alert for latency. Your system logs do not reveal anything out of the ordinary, but your site is slowing down. Where do you go from here? When your site begins to underperform or exhibit an increase in errors, you run the risk of conversions decreasing. Finding…
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