Top Three Case Studies of 2019

By SiteSpect Marketing

December 27, 2019


In the spirit of the New Year, we’re rounding up a few of the best case studies from 2019.

1. Quantifying the Impact of Page Speed

This was an unconventional case study that determined the real value one second of page load time had for this ecommerce. A must read if you’re curious how site performance alone can impact conversions.

Case Study: Quantifying the Impact of Page Speed

2. Simulating a Payment Method to Determine Demand

This is another creative case study, where a brand found an out-of-the-box way the determine demand for a new payment method before investing in implementation. Check out how it turned out.

Case Study: Using A Simulated Payment Option To Determine Demand

3. Multivariate Testing for CTAs

In a classic example of multivariate testing, this brand asked a simple question: Which button converts better? They got a pretty significant result.

Case Study: Multivariate Testing for CTA Buttons

We can’t wait to share more exciting optimization success stories in the coming year!

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