5 Ways to Use Product Recommendations for a Better Customer Experience

By Justin Bougher

December 13, 2019


SiteSpect Product Recommendations solution is here. In honor of our newest way to help you personalize your website, this blog will break down 5 different ways to use Product Recommendations to give your visitors an even better customer experience and send your conversions through the roof.

#1: You May Also Like

This strategy uses data that you already have on the customer (or on customers in aggregate) and predicts their tastes and needs to suggest additional items. This works best if you have a customer profile and a shopping history, but can also work really well based on aggregate data if you have a system for correlating your products.

#2: Related Items

Try displaying items related to the item being viewed. For example, if a user is on the product detail page for a laptop, related items may include a mouse, keyboard, headphones, case, or cleaner. This both helps customers find items they’re likely looking for, and gives them ideas of products they should consider. Related item product recommendations boost revenue per visit, and also help your brand reinforce its expertise and highlight its product range in your field.

#3: Comparable Items

Showing items from the same category on your product detail pages carries a couple of distinct benefits. First, it showcases the range of products you offer, giving the customer confidence in your expertise. Second, it allows the customer to comparison shop without leaving your site — a huge win that leads to more purchases. Especially for bigger ticket items where customers do more research before purchasing, helping them through that research with product recommendations can be a big winner.

#4: Customers Also Bought

This is similar to, but not the same as “You May Also Like.” While the previous method is based on product categorization data, this one is based on purchase data. This method can help promote upsells, accessories, and other popular items. This can be especially helpful when selling technical items like phones or computers, or items that make up a kit like athletic equipment.

#5: Popular Items

This can be one of the most surprising categories for big wins. It’s the least personalized method for product recommendations, but can be valuable in the right circumstances. This type of product recommendation is especially helpful during holidays or big sales, where people may not be shopping for themselves or may be buying more than usual. Especially for newer shoppers, it highlights your range of products so they can browse easily and gives ideas for unexpected products.

Not sure which type of product recommendations to use? Try them all in an A/B test or multivariate test to see which performs the best during different parts of the customer journey.

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Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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