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What E-commerce Marketers Need to Know About Ad Blockers and How to Mitigate Them

Ad blockers – sometimes known as content blockers – are simple browser extensions that prevent ads from being shown on websites. The first ad blocking extension was introduced to the market in 2002. Today, 42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker. And the technology has expanded beyond the desktop. Content blocking software…
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Testing in a High Caching Environment

Website optimization and personalization is all about delivering the right experience at the right time to the right user. To do this, your optimization tool needs to be able to recognize context and retrieve the correct experience, and do it quickly. Many websites use CDNs that rely heavily on caching in order to deliver the…
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Resources for Learning Code

Thanks to features like Visual Editors, you can do a lot of experimentation on your website without using any code. This means marketers and others who are responsible for conversions, but don’t necessarily have a technical background, can be hands on with digital optimization, and that’s great. But there may be a time when a…
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How to Optimize for B2B

B2B websites face some unique challenges in A/B testing and digital optimization versus B2C sites. Your target audience is typically a group rather than an individual, and you may be dealing primarily with site users behind a portal or login. Further, B2B sites typically sell items at a larger scale or a higher price point,…
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Communicating Experiments Up and Down the Chain of Command

When you’re running an optimization program, your job is to design and conduct experiments that increase conversions and engagement on your digital channels. But that’s not where it ends — just as important as improving metrics across your digital channels is communicating those results across your organization. It can be a challenge to do this…
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How to Optimize Your Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are an excellent way to optimize the customer experience and drive conversions. They allow you to create an in-store experience for your online customers all while boosting metrics like average order value and revenue. However, it’s important to remember that product recommendations aren’t one-size-fits all; what works for one online business might not…
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