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Benefits of Combining A/B Testing & Product Recommendations into One Platform

Traditional testing and product recommendation platforms tend to be separated, both in terms of technology but also in terms of teams and functions. This separation often leads to organizations not iterating and A/B testing their product recommendations, which results in lost opportunity and revenue. Conversely, combining A/B testing and product recommendations into one platform offers…
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A/B Testing Product Recommendations

Unleash Product Recommendations Revenue With A/B Testing

For e-commerce websites, product recommendations play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience and boosting conversion rates. However, many organizations miss out on optimization opportunities by failing to integrate A/B testing into their product recommendation strategies. In this blog post, we will explore A/B testing ideas specifically tailored for product recommendations to boost engagement…
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8 Tips for A/B Testing Success

8 Essential Tips for A/B Testing Success

For digital marketers and product developers, A/B testing is critical to enabling data-driven decision-making and providing a clear understanding of product and site change impact. However, achieving meaningful results from A/B tests requires careful planning and execution. In this article, we will explore 8 essential tips that can help you unlock A/B testing success and…
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How to Turn Research Insights Into Test Ideas

Test ideation is a sore spot for many teams. You’d be surprised at how many go off of gut feelings and “we think,” “we feel,” and “we believe” statements. Usually, team members are not in the target audience. So why would their opinions be applicable? Even if they were, what basis do you have to…
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Experiment Fail Learn

A/B Testing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Part 5 – Not Segmenting Data

Data analysis is the crux of A/B testing and optimization. But many of us who do A/B testing and optimization aren’t data analysts by trade; we’re learning as we go. One of the most common mistakes we see in A/B testing is not segmenting data. To understand how your A/B tests are performing and how…
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Learn from your mistakes

A/B Testing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Part 4 – Thinking Small

Optimization teams, especially new ones, A/B test aspects of their digital properties that have been frequent subjects of debate, like button colors, calls to action, and hero images. These tests can be important to conversion rates and average order values. These A/B tests are simple to set up, easy to explain, and winners are usually…
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