SiteSpect ranked high among A/B testing tools on G2

By Kevin Plankey

March 29, 2021


We are pleased to share that SiteSpect was recently ranked by, Inc., based on user-reviews across a wide range of A/B testing tools. SiteSpect scored 8.23/10, coming in above other popular tools including Dynamic Yield, AB Tasty, Optimizely, Google Optimize, and Monetate (now Kibo). G2’s rankings are based on the following factors: Likelihood to recommend, meets requirements, average user adoption, estimated ROI (in months), and time to go live. SiteSpect scored highly across all criteria, reflecting high user satisfaction. To see more reviews from SiteSpect users, check out our page on G2.

How we deliver for SiteSpect users

Across the board, SiteSpect sets out to enable more use cases and more capabilities than any other single optimization tool, where multiple products are typically required to achieve a full suite of capabilities. This means we fit the needs of more organizations and more users, delivering faster time to implementation and faster ROI. Users are calling SiteSpect “reliable,” “powerful,” “an exceptional platform with wonderful, responsive consultants,” and a tool that “makes A/B testing easy.”

SiteSpect stands out from other optimization platforms because we are the only tool that does not rely on JavaScript tags to deliver experiences. So, how does this impact G2’s ranking criteria? JavaScript tags have a tendency to slow down site performance or introduce flicker (or flash of original content), putting a performance price on every A/B test you run simultaneously. SiteSpect doesn’t have this cost, you can run as many A/B tests as you’d like all at once with no impact on site performance. This means that SiteSpect customers see value faster, and have the ability to run more A/B tests in a shorter time frame.

Plus, SiteSpect offers A/B testing, personalization, release rollouts, and product recommendations, not to mention capabilities like Real User Monitoring (RUM), all within the same platform and interface. With this offering of features and capabilities, SiteSpect benefits more users and teams across your organization than any other optimization solution. Across the board, SiteSpect users stick with the platform and recommend it to other users.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey is the Director of Demand Generation for SiteSpect and is responsible for marketing operations to include strategy and implementation of all demand generation efforts: social, email, website, organic/paid media, and event planning & promotion.

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