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Webroot Optimizes CTAs and Increases Revenue

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Leading cybersecurity provider Webroot offers a cloud-based AI platform providing cyber security solutions for both consumers and business users.

“Our previous testing platform, a tag-based solution, was problematic. We could only deploy one test per quarter, and the user experience involved a noticeable lag on test pages…to the point it was a hard 5 count before page load,” Erin O’Neill, Business Analyst at Webroot, said.

“As part of proof of concept, to address the concern of latency, our team performed site speed benchmarking tests. After deploying with SiteSpect, we re-ran these same metrics, and our site in some regions improved by an entire second off load time.”

Erin O’Neill, Business Analyst

After deploying, the team began with their first test, a simple CTA change on product detail pages.

The Problem

Webroot’s original Call to Action on product details pages was “Buy Now.” Several studies though suggested that “Add to Cart” usually performed better as a CTA, as it suggests less commitment and encourages more clicks — helping visitors along in the customer journey. Webroot wanted to find out if this was true.


Over the course of a 20-day test period, the “Add to Cart” buttons saw a 12% increase in revenue per user over “Buy Now.” The change is now deployed sitewide.


After seeing results with SiteSpect — both in the CTA test and in site speed — Webroot is now implementing a range of further tests. We’ve increased our testing from 1 per quarter to as many as 5 per month.  Given the level of granularity that SiteSpect provides in the testing platform, we are able to customize tests with as few or as many criteria as desired. Testing can be as simple as a weighted routing policy for an A|B with a different image, or as granular of conditions segmenting users by specific behaviors.

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