Data-Driven Marketing, Data Accuracy, and Customer Feedback: July Monthly Blog Roundup

By Ruby Brown

July 27, 2018


We can’t believe it’s the end of July already. The World Cup is over, summer is in full swing, and the air conditioner is working hard. This is a definitive list of the top 5 blogs, case studies, and resources we published in July. Take a look to catch up, jump in, and read further.

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1) Learning from Customers at CAB Munich

In June we held a European Customer Advisory Board in Munich with current and potential SiteSpect users. It’s one of the most important events for us, as user feedback informs the direction of our product. We learned a lot; check out the full list of insights. Read the Blog.

2) Make the Most of Promising A/B Tests

CRO expert and optimization consultant Kate Orchard broke down some of the most common optimization tips you see on the web. She teaches you to take those tips and run with them in the most effective way for your specific site. Read the Blog.

3) How to Keep Tags from Interfering with Data Accuracy

IT professional Tal Cohen gives expert advice on how to keep your data accurate. The quality of your data is not only crucial for your IT operations, but also for communicating and collaborating across departments. Read the Blog.

4) SiteSpect Synopsis Growing into Data-Driven Marketing

As data-driven decision making becomes the norm in almost every field, there will naturally be some sticking points. Luckily there are experts around the web offering advice and information to make the leap to data-driven marketing a little more graceful. Read the Blog.

5) A/B Testing Promotional Messaging Finds Big Wins for Retailer

In this amazing case study, this brand saw a 185% increase in conversions when they A/B tested their promotional messaging. Read the Blog.

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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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