Launch Multiple Campaigns at Once with Confidence: Three Ways to Preview for Better Optimization

By SiteSpect Product Management

July 30, 2018


Once you have an A/B testing program running, you’ll likely have many campaigns going at the same time. This can be a huge boost to your KPIs, but also necessitates serious validation and QA. You need to know not only what each variation looks like, but how they all work together. So, it’s imperative that your A/B testing tool allows you to preview the experience for a given user. Here are three ways to ensure that your customer experience always comes first.

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1) Employ geo-targeting, and validate by spoofing users from that  region

Many brands personalize and target their CX based on location. For example, a clothing retailer may display short sleeves to users in Southern California in November, but coats to a user in Michigan at the same time. If you mix geo-targeting with other methods of personalization, you’ll need to make sure each experience feels coherent and relevant. The only way to do this is to spoof (impersonate) users in preview for each segment and view the real experience.

2) QA overlay campaigns and guarantee a smooth CX

Chances are that any given user will be served multiple A/B tests at once. When you’re creating audience segments for these variations it’s easy to lose track of what users receive which variation. That’s why you must preview how all of your campaigns look while running simultaneously — not just how they run individually.

3) Personalize your customer experience based on any combination of factors

As personalization increasingly becomes the norm, the way you segment your audience becomes more important than ever. But the rules you set and the segments you define can get complicated. Make sure you spoof users to make sure their personal site experience meets your requirements.

screenshot of preview capabilities in SiteSpect

The preview capabilities that you do or don’t have can make or break your A/B testing program. QA is complex, but previewing your actual CX can make all the difference. Further, if anything should go wrong with any of your live variations you will know right away. With SiteSpect, collision detection and disablements are built-in — when we detect any errors due to site issues or campaign conflicts, we pause the campaign and notify you. You can’t get much more assured than that. For more tips and information, check out more of SiteSpect’s Best Practices.

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SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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