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Optimizing Your Conversion Funnel with a Hybrid Experimentation Tool

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 19, 2024

Competitive companies refining their digital strategies understand even minor web and app changes can significantly impact conversion funnel efficiency. Is your team aiming to perform more A/B tests and get…

The Essentials of Hybrid Experimentation

By Paul Bernier · June 10, 2024

When running experimentation programs, most organizations start with client-side tests to experiment with the most common use cases, such as graphics, design scheme, and CTA copy and placement (as many…

4 Key Ways Your CRO Team Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 5, 2024

Whether you have a dedicated CRO team or rely on developers, product owners, and marketers to improve user experience and conversion rates, you probably already understand the potential of A/B…

How to Use A/B Testing to Identify Areas of Low Engagement in Your Streaming Media App

By Paul Bernier · May 29, 2024

With any mobile app, user retention poses a major challenge—so your organization might be wondering how to use A/B testing most effectively to provide a more engaging user experience. Companies…

How to Improve Your Patient Portal Experience with A/B Testing

By SiteSpect Marketing · May 14, 2024

We’ve come a long way technologically from the handwritten appointment cards once commonly used in healthcare settings. While patients today can probably still get one, depending on the practice, online…

Secure A/B Testing Frameworks: What You Need to Know

By Paul Bernier · April 25, 2024

Due to its popularity in the financial services sector, your organization likely already offers some form of online self-service. While it has become a go-to choice for customers, many organizations…

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