A/B & Multivariate Testing

Using CNAMEs to bypass ITP has been put to Torch

Browsers are mobilizing to combat the use of DNS CNAME records to bypass anti-tracking tech they have built in to their browsers. November is looking to be a triple whammy of developments in this area. iOS and Safari I first wrote about this in September, and now the time is here. On November 5th 2020…
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An Interview with Journey Further: Is A/B Testing Impacting Your SEO?

Journey Further is a performance marketing agency delivering clarity at speed. They specialize in paid media, organic search and conversion optimization. Conversion Director, Jonny Longden, Conversion Operations Manager, Jon Crowder and SEO Technology Director, Steve Walker discuss the impact of client-side A/B testing tools on SEO. Jonny: We’re increasingly being asked by our clients whether…
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Test tube and vapor

Calibration of the Testing Environment for Better Metrics on User Behavior

A/B testing is all about understanding change in user behavior through sampling and comparing user journeys through metrics. Best practices around A/B test configuration, sampling, measuring, segmenting, and statistical significance are important to understanding how journeys change. But remember, those practices begin with a clean, calibrated A/B testing lab. Terminology Before we begin, let’s define…
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Laptop and mobile device; Financial Sector

How SiteSpect Improves Conversions, a Use Case for the Financial Sector

Blogs are a popular way most businesses look to communicate with their customers and prospects to share helpful information, as well as news or details about their products or services. Often used as an integral piece of a content marketing strategy to allow a company to host all the content it creates. The ultimate goal…
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CRO-Minded Organization Featured Image

SiteSpect‘s Knowledge Event ‘On the road to a CRO-minded organization’

On March 8, SiteSpect Europe hosted a conversion rate optimization (CRO) knowledge event in Het Centraal Ketelhuis in Amersfoort, Netherlands. It was an inspiring afternoon full of knowledge sharing by our customer Schiphol, one of our partners, Direct Impact, and our colleague Erwin Kerk. Various organizations attended the event to gain knowledge and share their…
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Building a Successful Optimization Program

If you are an ecommerce or digital business with high traffic volume, you might be considering or re-evaluating your optimization program. Building a successful optimization program depends on careful planning, implementation, and measurement. In this article, we’ll look at three critical elements for implementing a profitable optimization program: Forming a Great Experimentation Team Creating an…
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