Case Study: Pop Up Information Increases Conversions

By SiteSpect Product Management

July 5, 2018


Are you thinking about testing on your digital channels, or have you been running a testing program but are interested in learning more? You’ve come to the right place. Think of this blog series as a catalogue of optimization tests, where you can learn about what went right, what went wrong, and where you might be able to test your sites for optimal engagement and risk mitigation.

an tablet with a "search hotels" screen

The Organization

A major hotel operator with over 40 properties.

The Project

This brand’s website features a booking engine, and many customers search for hotels and exit the search results page without engaging further. The team suspected that if customers were more aware of their loyalty and rewards program, they would be more likely to engage with site content and ultimately enroll or book hotels.

The Test

The structure of the experiment was A/B and tested users across all devices. In the control group, text inviting users to join the loyalty rewards program was static and perennially visible next to each add to cart button. In the variation being tested, information about the rewards program would pop up when the mouse scrolled over a small question mark icon.

Results and Next Steps

Highlighting the rewards program in this way boosted conversions both in general, and specifically in regard to the rewards program. While all test groups saw increases in conversions, mobile users were even more successful. Overall, conversion increased by over 4% and rewards program purchases increased by 6%. For smartphone users loyalty program purchases increased by 9%.

Due to this success, the brand immediately served the winning variation to 100% of desktop and mobile traffic.

As a follow-up to this successful experiment, the brand is currently exploring ways to further optimize their loyalty and rewards program membership.  Current testing is includes applying the same design across multiple pages as well as different designs.

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SiteSpect Product Management

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