Learning from Customers at CAB Munich

By Maarten Plokker

July 3, 2018


“Big thank you to the whole SiteSpect crew, you guys rock!” This was the best compliment to end our European Customer Advisory Board. Happy and involved customers are our priority here at SiteSpect. Last month we held our European Customer Advisory Board Meeting (CAB) in Munich, Germany. I regularly work with customers all over Europe, but events like this really speak to what I love about SiteSpect — our product vision is driven largely by how our customers actually use our product and benefit from it. At this event, we gained insight into how many team members work with SiteSpect at various companies, what kinds of optimization tests and results each team was seeing, and how SiteSpect users see the product evolving in the future.

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Customer Insights

The teams attending the CAB meeting represented brands in travel, retail, and finance industries. The diversity of the group led to productive discussions and some fascinating insights. Here are some of the highlights that may help your team as well:

  • One team uses SiteSpect testing to push features that are high priority for the optimization team, but lower priority for the development team. By using the platform they are able to release features and changes without adding to dev’s workload.
  • A common challenge is adopting a testing mentality and changing the perception of failed tests.
  • Several brands are focused on personalization as their next major goal and are looking to learn how SiteSpect can help those efforts.
  • It can be a challenge to break silos in order to pull diverse resources into testing and optimization.
  • All participants agree that customer feedback is an important part of a partnership with a vendor, when the vendor listens to its customers and includes their input in future product plans.

Looking Forward

We were excited to share our new features, including our Visual Editor 2.0, along with our industry insights into the future of testing and optimization. This even gave us the opportunity to understand how SiteSpect is deployed across diverse organizations, and use customer insight to guide the future of the product. Ultimately, just like we believe customer data is the only way to know if your marketing campaign or web feature is successful, we also believe that customer insight is the most important factor in determining the future of our product. Therefore, see you all and our new customers at our next CAB!

Zum Wohl!



Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker is Managing Director of SiteSpect Europe, delivering the best in optimization to organizations across the continent. He is based in the Netherlands and has over 10 years experience in Sales and Account Management.

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