Personalization is Marketing’s Nirvana

By SiteSpect Marketing

October 14, 2015


For marketers, nirvana is the ability to immerse specific visitors in relevant messages and encourage them to become fully involved in the digital experience. Apparently nirvana is a long way off, because only 21 percent of marketers say they are very good at captivating and engaging digital audiences.

Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the CMO Council, which has nearly 10,000 members in 110 countries, notes that “digital marketers are challenged to create an end-to-end, multi-channel experience that engages and enlivens customer, partner, and employee audiences with more compelling and relevant content-driven commerce and conversation.”

One key to solving this challenge is to customize the visitor experience through behavioral targeting and tailored, personalized interactions. Behavioral targeting lets you reach visitors who have demonstrated by their past browsing behavior that they are interested in a given product or service. Once you understand visitor behavior, personalized campaigns let you reach a visitor with the right message at the optimal moment in time.

Take for example when a visitor does a number of searches for an apartment. Chances are that she’s in the market to rent one. Savvy marketers at online media and publishing companies run targeted experiments to learn what elements influence action on the part of their buyers, and then deliver personalized content to them. By iteratively A/B testing and optimizing the mix of content and ads for the best user experience, marketers can increase content consumption and drive more quality leads to advertisers.

A/B testing, personalization, and targeting may not get you all the way to nirvana, but it will teach you how to deliver compelling experiences that delight your audience. Learn more here.

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