New Years Optimization Resolution Guide

December 16, 2019


A/B Testing and personalization should be part of your digital strategy all the time, but in the spirit of resolution season, we’re providing you with an optimization resolution template. Use it to audit your current program, determine areas for improvement, and launch into the new year with a resolution you know you’ll keep.

To Start An Optimization Plan

If you’re not already running personalization and A/B testing campaigns, getting started is a great resolution. Here are the first steps you should take to get going.

  • Know your metrics: When you start optimizing digital channels, you’ll need to understand how visitors are behaving on your sites currently. How many visitors are you getting each week? Each month? What do they click on the most? Where do they tend to drop off?
  • Improve on your primary business goal: A great place to start is with your primary goal, for example, purchases, form submissions, enrollments, etc. What’s your biggest conversion? Start by A/B testing ways to improve the customer experience here.
  • Create a Roadmap going forward: You’ve succeeded in one A/B test or round of  A/B testing, how will you plan and move forward? Start strategizing about your goals for the quarter or the year. A good plan is to identify different strategies to achieve each goal, and spread out your A/B tests so you are constantly iterating upon multiple goals and strategies concurrently.

Here’s how to choose your first A/B test.

Take CRO To The Next Level

If you have an optimization strategy but you’re ready to bump it up a notch, these resolutions are for you.

  • Add in Personalization: You’ve been doing some great A/B testing and seeing results. Make a goal to branch out and create some personalized experiences.
  • Increase your number of A/B tests per month: Once you get the hang of A/B testing, personalization, and optimization, a great next step is to up the number of A/B tests you run. Where do you get hung up? What’s the A/B testing limit you’re reaching?
  • A/B Test on every channel: Customers jump from one channel to the next, so it’s important to make sure you’re optimizing every part of their experience. What’s working on your website? Try it out on your mobile site or your native app.

Check out this blog for more ideas.

Become A CRO Pro

If you’re already in the swing of conversion rate optimization, these steps are for you.

  • Fine tune your micro conversions: To get even bigger results out of your optimization efforts, focus on micro conversions. These are the small steps leading up to your primary conversion and make a big revenue impact.
  • Branch out across departments: A great way to maximize your optimization strategy is to bring it across your organization. Developers can use server-side A/B testing to streamline and improve feature releases, IT can use it to help diagnose problems that may come up or or aid in domain merges, UX can A/B test experiences, marketing can try different ad strategies, and the options continue.
  • Incorporate Auto Optimization and machine learning: Once you increase your A/B testing output, try taking advantage of auto-optimization to more efficiently offer the best experience to the right audiences. Or, use machine learning in your A/B testing program to heighten the success of the A/B tests you’re already running.

Download your own Optimization Resolution Guide here.

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