How to Simplify and Accelerate Web Changes

By SiteSpect IT

June 14, 2018


How many times have you been in this situation? A marketer wants to roll out three variations of an existing landing page, A/B test them against each other, and then immediately switch to 100% traffic on the winner. You can’t tell which variation will jive the best with the rest of your infrastructure and you’re also facing major rewrites once A/B testing determines a winner. While marketing changes may help increase conversions or revenue, they open up more opportunity for performance issues, errors, inconsistencies in speed, and traffic management problems. What’s your typical strategy?

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Keep It Simple


SiteSpect offers a unique solution: It doesn’t require you to make any coding or infrastructural changes for A/B testing. Marketers can create the campaigns they want in a code-free visual editor, and then deploy them without involving changes to your IT framework. SiteSpect dynamically creates each variant page, meaning no duplicate content, no excess URLs, and no additional site management. You have total visibility and control over what portion of traffic goes where, and you preserve the structure and function of your site.

Once an A/B test determines a winner, you can switch all traffic to a variation within SiteSpect immediately. Rather than building and rolling out variant pages before A/B testing, SiteSpect lets you A/B test and then roll out only the changes that have a proven positive effect on metrics. It simplifies your entire process.

Metrics for IT Projects


Just in the same way that marketing projects can take off without demanding too much of dev and IT, IT projects can take off by communicating their value in metrics valued across departments. While latency or site performance may not mean as much outside of the IT department, conversions and revenue sure do. SiteSpect gives you the ability to A/B test infrastructure changes and demonstrate their value objectively.

“Tal Talks” is an article series for IT professionals from SiteSpect’s resident IT guru, Tal Cohen. For over 12 years Tal has been assisting SiteSpect customers with digital infrastructure issues and challenges in improving customer experience.

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