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Corendon Optimizes Customer Feedback

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Haarlemmermeer, North Holland, Netherlands

Quality customer feedback is very valuable for lifting conversion and sales. It provides insight into missing information, what competitors do better, or can simply give a better understanding of the type of issues customers are running into.

Corendon, a travel agency based in the Netherlands, used SiteSpect to develop a smart and creative method for requesting customer feedback on their Single Page App (SPA) site.

Traditional ways to receive feedback

Many websites feature channels to get in contact or submit feedback.

Typical channels for feedback or questions are:

  • Phone number
  • Contact form
  • Chat bubble / Assistant

These customer service channels do work, but before someone chooses one of these channels, there must be a real issue where they are stuck. Simple feedback —  for instance, when something is not as clear as it could be or a process could use minor improvements will mostly not get sent to these channels. It’s not often that a visitor will take the effort to contact a brand about minor flaws in the customer experience, like a product missing a good description, or having low-resolution images.

Embedding questions in the Customer Journey

Using SiteSpect client-side variations combined with our custom scripts, Corendon was able to easily add questions to specific parts of a funnel on their SPA.

The question module was designed to match the look and feel of form fields around it and to give the impression that it was required. This allowed the user to be able to keep the focus on the form and leave feedback while not being distracted from the main goal (conversion!).

Also, while a user may not notice a small chat bubble in the bottom right corner, questions in this form will be read because, for the visitor, it has the same importance as other form questions.

Short & Simple questions

Since the primary focus should be that the funnel is easy to understand, the feedback questions were short and clear.

A simple and short yes or no question, with the option to clarify if unclear, was enough to get valuable information without being intrusive.


For our customer Corendon in the travel branch, we implemented this survey technique in their booking form. Below the question of choosing a room type for the accommodation, we asked if the room types were clear. The box could be clicked away and had only 2 buttons, yes or no.

Corendon Screenshot

When clicking on ‘no’, the buttons would be replaced with a text field of max 250 characters to clarify what it was that was unclear.

Corendon Screenshot 2


This test was able to provide Corendon valuable insight into their customer experience. Rather than relying on traditional avenues for feedback, they used SiteSpect to integrate feedback right into their experience. Because of the success of this test, they now have the data they need to optimize their room descriptions going forward.

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