Midichlorians: The Secret to Optimization Testing Success

By Ruby Brown

June 15, 2018


Midichlorians. I have them; you have them; we all have them. Or at least that’s what George Lucas says. These little intelligent microorganisms connect us to the Force, as Lucas says, “Like yoga.” The way I see it, midichlorians are to Jedis as optimization is to a brand. Some people have more (Anakin’s were off the charts high) and for others, it never really comes up. Luke Skywalker trained to become a Jedi without any blood testing. So, this bizarre and controversial insertion into the universe connects everyone to the Force, but some people have more innate connections than others and can therefore learn to use the Force more easily. Every brand has some form of optimization effort, which may be a sophisticated A/B testing platform or a lone designer going after a look. Either way, both brands can optimize, but the ones with more midichlorians (A/B testing capabilities) will optimize more effectively and efficiently.

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Your Optimization Midichlorians and You


In the Star Wars universe, you’re born with a certain number of midichlorians in your cells. These determine your predisposition for connecting with the Force. Many Star Wars fans feel this undermines the democracy of the Force. Everyone should be able to connect to it with training. Luckily, the midichlorians of optimization don’t have this problem. Even if you have no A/B testing and optimization programs now, you can still develop one for your brand.

However, just like Jedis train with Yoda, you have to A/B test with a fast, accurate, and efficient A/B testing tool to reach brand Jedi status.

Midichlorians Aren’t Everything


Just like the Force is a powerful tool, so is data. And, just like the force, you can use it for good or for evil. The difference lies in how accurate and comprehensive your data is. Assuming you want to become an optimization Jedi, you’ll first need to ensure your data is accurate, up to date, and not interfered with. Once you have accomplished that cleanup work, you can begin to understand where your digital channels need the most training.

Next step is to prioritize and get to work. Jedis aren’t built in a day and midichlorians don’t mean anything if you don’t learn the Force. Run some simple A/B tests with moderate impact first, then build up to the bigger projects that can potentially mean huge gains for your business.

May the Force be With You


Whether your team is filled to the brim with optimization midichlorians or you just now figured out what the crazy things are, you can become an optimization master. You just need to tap into the data force and find the right tool.

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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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