How to Optimize Saint Patrick’s Day

By SiteSpect Marketing

March 16, 2018


Saint Patrick’s Day is here, and for us in Boston that means big celebrating. Big celebrating can mean big imbibing, but we at SiteSpect don’t need any St. Patty’s Day luck to handle big volume. Here’s how we can help fortify you for whatever comes your way.

Cheers to A/B Test Success

So, you’ve just run your first A/B test comparing three variations of your website’s check out page. During your A/B test you’ve kept 70% of your traffic on your original variation and divided the remaining 30% among your A/B tests. But now you have a clear winner, because option number three delivered a 50% increase in average order value. So, how long does it take to direct the other 90% of traffic to the winning page? If your A/B testing solution sits in the flow of traffic, it takes about a minute. If it doesn’t, then you’ve got a solution that just can’t handle the party.

100 Proof Solution

Let’s get down to the numbers. This weekend, we can expect something like 150% more beer to be sold, and 800% more Guinness to be consumed than the daily average throughout the year. Would you be able to handle that? On Black Friday, we did a pretty good test run. The average daily visits to top retailers reached 252.8M visits on Black Friday in 2017, up from an average of 126.5M in the weeks leading up to the day.

With just one vertical from our cloud offering, we handled 88 million users on Black Friday 2017 alone, and between November 24 – 27 we handled over 347 million visits. Our solution sits in the line of traffic so we can direct each user to the appropriate site variation, as well as change course at the drop of an emerald green top hat.

Spread the Cheer

Our A/B testing solution sits in the flow of traffic, so we can direct your users in the most direct path. No bouncing around, not hopping from pub to pub. Your customers don’t slow down, and neither should your A/B testing solution.

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